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WannaCry ‘hero’ pleads guilty to hacking charges

Marcus Hutchins, the British hacker who stopped one of the most destructive cyberattacks in the world, has taken a plea deal, admitting guilt in the US to unrelated hacking charges. Hutchins became a minor celebrity in May 2017, when he stopped the spread of WannaCry, a ransomware worm created by North Korea that had spread…MORE

Prosecutors want Maria Butina to serve 18 months, exceeding expectations

Prosecutors have gone beyond previous expectations to ask for 18 months of jail time for Maria Butina in a case where they’ve alleged scandalous actions — and had to walk back some of them — yet still accuse the Russian woman of seeking to hurt the US in her work as a foreign agent. “Activities…MORE

Welcome to the post-Mueller presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency — or at least his first term — will be measured this way: Before the Mueller Report (BMR) and After the Mueller Report (AMR). BMR ran from the start of Trump’s presidency — when the FBI investigation that would become special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe was already underway — until this past…MORE

Fact check: Erik Prince’s public claims vs. the Mueller report

Erik Prince, the founder of the controversial private security firm Blackwater, makes a number of appearances in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Noted for his ties to the United Arab Emirates, Prince was a prominent supporter of President Donald Trump during the campaign and spent time around senior officials with the Trump transition team, including…MORE

9 countries and 3 US agencies to investigate initial 737 Max certification

Government officials from civil aviation authorities in nine countries, as well as members of the three US federal agencies, will investigate how the 737 Max airplane was initially certified, according to a release from the Federal Aviation Administration. The group, called the Joint Authorities Technical Review, will begin work on April 29, and will review…MORE

Mueller’s report leaves open possibility of post-White House criminal exposure for Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller abided by Justice Department guidelines that a sitting president can’t be indicted, but in preparing the detailed 448-page report, the long-time law enforcement official has teed up an investigation into obstruction that could outlive President Donald Trump’s time in the White House and his temporary immunity. In declining to reach a…MORE

How the Mueller investigation was hampered by encryption apps and disappearing messages

Robert Mueller and his team accumulated scores of communications over its nearly two year investigation — not just texts and emails, but also Apple iMessages, and messages from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Yet the special counsel’s investigation was hampered at times by some of the most commonly prescribed methods that privacy advocates say people should…MORE

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